Our identity begins with sexual identity : even before a child is born, the affective circle is already speculating on his/her sex, and impatient parents have an ultrasound scan as soon as the pregnancy stage allows it, to find out whether it ‘s “a boy or a girl”…

In the course of life, one of the first questions we ask ourselves about someone is whether this person is a man or a woman, and public services forms show a similar interest for our gender .

In a word, sexual identity is unavoidable, it follows us literally from birth to death, and it is, incidentally, the only stable & unvarying element of our identity (not taking into account the artificial, non-natural situation of transsexuals).

On the contrary, sexual orientation is a considerably more variable & personal characteristic which depends on the individual’s specific character & can even change in the course of life. A person can define onseself as heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual.

This diversity in sexual orientation has caused huge controversies & debates in the social arena since the dawn of time (pedophiles even trying to benefit from this sexual complexity to make their major perversion look like a mere sexual preference).

Finally, the variety of sexual practices is once again cause for inexhaustible reflexion, clashes & conflicts as each individual possesses a specific sexual sensitivty :

  •  Sexual practices considered as “standard”/normal are masturbation, fellatio, cunnilingus & vaginal sex ; anal sex is considered as an alternative practice without being perverse as such.
  •  Sexual practices classified as perverse range from minor perversion (undinism, fetichism, bondage, soft sadomasochism, swinging, licentiousness) to major perversion (hard sadomasochism, coprophilia, pedophilia, necrophilia).

As a sexologist, I can help with the solving of your sexual desire disorders (sexual inhibition, erectile dysfunction,…) & your sexual pleasure disorders (premature or lack of ejaculation, vaginismus,…), as well as your sexual phobias (physical blockage, erotic disgust) or your sexual obsessions & addictions (pornography, sexual consumerism,…).

To reach that goal, we’re going to talk together about your sexuality’s subtle mechanisms, by not only analysing your current erotic reflexes, practices & sexual experiences, but also by integrating the thorough study of possible past physical shocks or aggressions & sexual traumas or abuses.

Moreover, as your libido reflects your well-being in your life as a whole, I shall focus on all kind of stress & anxiety factors potentially disturbing & parasitizing your sexual self-fulfillment, even if they aren’t directly connected to the erotic field, such as :

negative image of your own body, lack of confidence & self assertion, deficiency of sentimental expression, difficult parental communication, family conflicts, work pressure, or even lapse of identity) …


Generally, a sex therapy lasts between 2-3 & 4 months, at a rate of one session of 2 hours or more every 15 days at most, in order to ensure a continuous & stable improvement of your sex life.



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