I began my career as a Headhunter in an agency, then evolved into Recruitment & Human Ressources Management, specifically in the High Tech field (business computing, telecommunications, multimedia, internet), first off for big consulting firms, next for dot com start-ups.

Because of my empathy & my drive to second & to support people, it became increasingly obvious to me that my true calling was not simply to help people with the essential steps of their socio-professional lives, but to further this approach by escorting them through their personal development as well …

My awakening to these new dimensions entailed a radical shift in my career, which I managed first by achieving my own psychoanalysis & then by completing my studies with specialised training within various therapeutic obediences.

Unlike traditional psychologists & psychotherapists, my pluridisciplinary approach embodies my will to ensure a thorough & cross-functional management of change, in order to solve & to heal mental & emotional disorders as well as physical & sexual unbalances, by integrating several theories & merging various practices …

To this day, my therapeutic approach covers :

  •  Brief Behavioural Therapy
  •  Brief Couple Therapy
  •  Sexology
  •  Soft Hypnosis
  •  Personal / Professional Coaching
  •  Quantum Therapy by Neurofeedback / Biofeedback / Bioresonance
  •  Dream interpretation (according to Jungian method)
  •  Psychogenealogy & intergenerational analysis 
  •  Biological decoding of diseases & symptoms