Soft Hypnosis is similar to a state of daydreaming & corresponds to a modified, alternate, expanded state of consciousness which allows to create new ways of feeling & being ; I use different protocols to achieve that, according to your needs & personal preferences.

Unlike deep trance which implies a total loss of awareness, Soft Hypnosis is still a lucid state of being : indeed, my client remains conscious of everything happening during the session & can remember it afterwards, which avoids any risk of mental manipulation & psychological sway by the therapist …

This therapeutic method has the significant advantage of defusing our usual reflexes of  emotional control & mental censorship ; it contributes to halt the behavioural conditioning created by our fears & psychic wounds, and to serenely reconnect with our inner truths & essential desires.


This exploration of the unconscious is prepared through simple relaxing, breathing &  visualization exercises, in order to generate a deep state of relaxation & receptiveness.

Then, depending on the chosen protocol, a free & active association of perceptions begins, during which many different visualizations, impressions & sensations take place ; I take great care to help my client by not only channeling & appeasing any excessive or distressful emotion, but also by promoting the expression of the frozen or repressed ones …


A session of Soft Hypnosis lasts on average between 1 & 2 hours ; I use it only as a tool for well-being within the framework of a Brief Individual Therapy.

It’s better not to plan an intense physical or intellectual activity just after the session, in order to benefit at best from the state of relaxation & refocusing engendered by the session …


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