the Brief Couple Therapy : How


Love can make a romantic encounter possible, but it isn’t enough for this encounter to prosper.
Many other elements & influences have to be considered, and the vast majority of people,
when starting a relationship, don’t know how much they become involved in an adventure, which may be attractive, but perilous too…

If 1 out of 2 couples breaks up nowadays – be the partners married or not – it’s notably because maintaining respect, showing love, preserving a good quality of communication & a strong level of compatibility, which all 4 are vital aspects for couple’s balance & personal fulfillment, are underestimated or forgotten in the course of the relationship.


 We can identify 10 spheres of influence which may either enhance or aggravate a couple’s life ; these may also be potential areas of conflict, if they are major stakes for each partner :

  •  Affection : tenderness, sweetness, comprehension, compassion, empathy
  •  Sexuality : sensuality, passion, eroticism
  •  Intellect : stimulating conversations, debates on ideas, sharing opinions, open-mindedness, general knowledge
  •  Children we raise together (either those conceived in a previous relationship or in the present couple)
  •  Family circle :  the blood tribe (parents, grand-parents, uncles, aunts, etc)
  •  Friends clan
  •  Leisures : recreational activities, hobbies (sports, travels, culture, gastronomy, etc)
  •  Material & financial security : economic prosperity, holdings
  •  Socioprofessional success or status : family business, specific vocation (not a job that just pays the rent)
  •  Religious belief or spiritual faith : same religion or similar metaphysical quest, existential questioning

A successful relationship depends not only on the shared priority given by both partners to one or the other of these factors, but also on the real quality of their involvement in their favourite spheres.
Therefore, exemplarity, the respect of difference, the compatibility of sensitivity & the ability for dialogue are essential.

Brief Couple Therapy is precisely designed to review these multiple dimensions of your relationship,
to clarify what you agree & disagree on , to better understand & negotiate your differences, and to establish a new middle ground by reaching a superior level of sharing.

Unlike traditional psychologists & psychotherapists who stay as neutral & in the background as possible, my approach is interventionist, interactive & dynamic, which alllows to take therapy shortcuts, to boost awareness, and also facilitates decision-making …


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