the Brief Couple Therapy : Why


In a couple, an inhibition or obstruction of communication generates co-dependant behaviours : the attitude of the partners oscillates between the poles of dependency & counter-dependency, instead of finding some balance thanks to constructive & progressive principles of interdependence & complementarity.

Consequently, the partners stick to roles often
interchangeable, such as that of the Persecutor, the Victim & the Saviour, and rigid relationship scenarios get under way. This further stirs the mechanisms of mutual incomprehension, frustration & opposition within the couple.


 Disagreement & conflict originate from several & sometimes simultaneous causes :

  •  misunderstandings due to a lack of communication, or a communication defect
  •  the wish to keep the side benefits of the stagnating situation
  •  a taste for power & control, struggle for influence
  •  projection, generalization & prejudice
  •  force of habit & the fear of the unknown
  •  negative doubt & destructive criticism
  •  accusation, namely looking for a culprit instead of searching for the heart of the problem
  •  avoidance behaviour through laxness & non-accountability


Brief Couple Therapy aims to draw up an unbiased inventory of the relationship, to devise methods to settle conflicts & to create a shared vision, in order to reach an understanding & a reconciliation.

This therapeutic dynamic helps to dissolve anxiety, to release oneself from anger & to defuse aggressiveness within the relationship by stimulating the partners’ constructive confrontation, strengthening the ability to take into account each other’s point of view, sensibility & values, and as a consequence by generating a mutual improvement & transformation of each other’s behaviour.

To stop the vicious circle of dissension & to restore the spirit of common good, in fact, it’s essential to share moments of cooperation & mutual aid again, while at the same time empowering & emancipating each other

As a result, this joint adventure encourages authenticity & sincerity, reinforces trust & renews creativity in the romantic relationship !


A Brief Couple Therapy should last between 2 & 4 months on average, the consultations taking place at a minimum rate of 2 hours every 2 weeks at the latest.


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