A Brief Couple Therapy requires both partners to be genuine & endowed with good will, insofar as the goal isn’t to determine who is “guilty”, to accuse & to put the blame on each other through unceasing criticism,
but rather to find satisfying solutions by listening to each other & understanding the underlying or hidden causes for conflict, how to solve the issues at stake & to find common ground.

It’s also essential to realize that harmony within relationships doesn’t always imply to “agree”,  but also, sometimes, “to disagree to disagree”,

to tolerate our differences or divergences without automatically categorizing them as causes of opposition, nor perceiving them as a danger for the couple’s intimacy & a risk to jeopardize our complicity…

Brief Couple Therapy allows the partners not only to refocus on the couple’s “raison d’être”/reason for being, the pleasure of shared moments & to restore a sexual intimacy if need be,
but also to set a right balance between professional life, domestic chores,
parenthood, leisure hours, relationships with family & friends, seeing to it that these dimensions enrich the sentimental union without interfering with it.

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