the Brief Behavioural Therapy : Why



My therapeutic approach aims to facilitate the unification & harmonization of one’s personality by encouraging the understanding & integration of the 4 poles which compose our psyche, namely:

  •  the sphere of Reflection = the intellectual, conceptual, abstract, mental dimension
  •  thee sphere of Emotion = the affective, emotional, sentimental dimension
  •  the sphere of Intuition = the prescient, spiritual, metaphysical dimension
  •  the sphere of Sensation = the physical, carnal, impulsive, instinctual dimension


Beyond the resolution of the psychic & emotional disorders that lead a person to start a Brief Therapy, the pursued goals are numerous & various :

  •  to identify one’s inner blocks, denials, repressions, subconscious projections & transferences which both paralyze the spontaneous & authentic expression of the self and impoverish the joys of life
  •  to refocus & to calm down by learning to recognize, tame, accept, handle & overcome one’s anxiety, phobias and obsessions
  •  to rebuild an inner dialogue by identifying one’s contradictions, not overdramatizing one’s conflicts & by transcending one’s inhibitions
  •  to revitalize one’s self-esteem, to restore one’s trust & self-confidence, by accepting one’s natural gifts & by making use of one’s hidden talents, in one word, by expressing one’s potential …


A Brief Therapy lasts between 2 and 4 months, depending on the extent & depth of the
changes that are happening in your life in the meantime.

As for consultations, they last a minimum of 2 hours, with a maximum interval of 2 weeks between appointments.


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