the Brief Behavioural Therapy : How


During a Brief Therapy session, I help you to take a step back from your life experience & to understand your current psychological & relationship mechanisms, through the understanding of repetitive life scenarios about the way you perceive things, feel, think & act …

This personality integration & blossoming process is being done through the deciphering of our automatic behavioural reflexes – the“complexes” – and of our subconscious relationship patterns – the  “archetypes” – around which our
view of the world & our relationship with others are structured.


Unlike traditional psychologists and psychotherapists, a Brief Therapy session consists of an open & interactive conversation based on a continuous dialogue between you & me ; I provide you with permanent feedback such as my impressions & analysis on the topics you & I are  bringing up.

Within the same meeting, we’re going to alternate phases where we spontaneously investigate the circumstantial events & the concrete difficulties of your present life, with phases of thorough thematic study of the structural, recurring dysfunctions in your existence …

We can also use therapeutic tools & devices such as dream inerpretation, soft hypnosis, creativity games, role playing, energetic rebalancing, etc.

This therapeutic method, based on a fluid, natural interaction between the therapist & the client, not only has a constructive & lasting impact on your state of mind,

but also leads to concrete improvements in your everyday life & brings rapid & meaningful changes in your interpersonal relations.


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