Our working life balance has a direct impact on our personal life balance, be it on a financial (earnings), organizational (working rhythm), family (social status) or emotional level (mental stability).

For that reason, moral harassment, a restructuring, a transfer or a dismissal, but also such positive events as starting a new job or being promoted, a retraining or the creation of a business, may cause an extreme stress which, depending on our temper, can lead us to become irritable, suceptible & aggressive or distant, cold & withdrawn when we relate to our inner circle …

Professional / Personal Coaching aims, on one hand, to highlight your intrinsic assets, your potential of action & your opportunities of evolution and, on the other hand, to help you to reduce doubt & to channel your emotions, in order to be able to take weighted & serene decisions, be it on the short or long term.


To succeed with this Change management, on the basis of my previous experience as a Headhunter, Recruiting Expert & Human Resources Consultant, as a Coach,  I propose you to go through the following facets :

  •  To refocus on your true vocation through the discovery of your core motivations &  your essential desire
  •  To take a step back from your real-life experience & to review your career, by understanding the internal & external mechanisms of your success, as much as identifying the key factors of your failures
  •  To distance yourself from the influence of your personal as well as professional circle of acquaintances, in order to strengthen your independence & assertiveness, by rising from “self-image” to “self-awareness”
  •  To evolve in your representation of others & to improve your communication skills thanks to the understanding & reframing of your relationship processes
  •  To proceed with a landscape review of your knowledge (= theoretical learning), your know-how (= practical abilities) & your soft skills (= interpersonal aptitude) acquired in the course of your private, social/associative as well as professional life
  •  To develop your strong suits & to capitalize on your talents
  •  To adress your weak spots once your deficiencies & excesses have been identified, thanks to preventive or corrective suitable actions
  •  To detect your dormant ressources & hidden assets, then to mobilize them
  •  To better manage the constraints & opportunities of your position as well as your current responsibilities, by resorting to new working methods & relationship strategies
  •  To assess the concrete feasibility of the contemplated options by anticipating &  controlling the potential risks & the expected benefits
  •  To determine if an additional training is required, be it one-time or long-term
  •  To consider the potential benefit of makeover sessions, so as to increase your charisma & glamour
  •  To plan the next steps of your professional project, or to sustain & enhance your employment status …


Professional / Personal Coaching lasts between 2 & 4 months, depending on the complexity of your career situation & the swiftness of your professional evolution.

A Coaching session lasts 2 hours on average, at a minimum rate of one session every fortnight, in order to ensure the continuity of your progression.


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