Biofeedback / Bioresonance  : How …


Research in biophysics shows that the molecules of every single living organism emit tiny, but coherent, electromagnetic radiations, and that every organ, tissue or illness thus possesses a singular vibratory signature.

Besides, not only are the cells of a living organism able to emit but also to pick up wave information in the form of biophotons/magnetic fields pulsated at a very low intensity, following the same principle as with radio broadcasting.

In fact, intercellular communication inside the human body is photoelectric ; on the atomic scale, DNA & RNA operate like an extremely powerful computer with its microprocessor, memory chip, range of software & its network …

We enter here in the realm of quantum physics, where one element can either be a particle or a wave, according to the material approach, which in particular leads to traditional allopathy medicine, or its dematerialized form, which notably leads to alternative energy therapy, that we prefer to privilege.


We also explore here the area of epigenetics, which deems that the gene pool isn’t set once & for all, but directly influenced by our environment & our personal history, which means that our hereditary package can be modified & reversed

Indeed, all cells in our organism contain liquid crystals used to store information on a temporary or long-lasting scale ; this capacity to restore, process, transmit, acquire & thus update information means that not only is a cell able to execute a program, but also to transform it.

Rogue cell proliferation characterizing cancers & cell necrosis typical of tumors is a good example of this capacity of mutation / metamorphosis, for the better… or the worse.

On a psycho-emotional level, this adaptability via absorption implies, on one hand, that traumas become encapsulated on a molecular scale & crystallize toxic cellular memories, and on the other hand, that we can “clean” the cells in order to regenerate them & to restore their original state of balance !


But, if during our lives we do capitalize on constructive, rewarding & positive experiences, we also have to face destabilizing & impairing situations, or to go through traumatizing & destructive experiences…

Once the conflictual circumstances & wounding events have passed, the emotional memory of the past trials endure, unbeknownst to us, and undermines our physical as well as our emotional health.

Deeply anchored in our cells, and even the more so if these painful life moments have been extended or repeated, past suffering keeps on raging in our subconscious, crippling our evolution, preventing us from planing ahead with confidence & thus distorting our opportunities for self-development
The ghost presence of these past mental disruptions & affective disorders, without being blown past, breeds lasting psycho-emotional stress & energy tensions on a physical level.

This underlying overstrain causes the metabolism to slow down & weakens the immune system, which can eventually lead to depression & trigger physical ailments …


To stop this vicious circle, Quantum Therapy via Bioresonance / Biofeedback / Neurofeedback devices, based on a principle of emission-reception of very low frequency electromagnetic waves, enables to scan your personal bioenergy parameters, either psychological or organic, the same way we look for a radio frequency & adjust its signal until it’s crystal clear :

  • the receptor detects quanta (elementary energy particles) & wave frequencies emitted by your body & your brain, related to optimal energy reference values, which allows to evaluate the existing alterations & dephasings.
  • the transmitter corrects the harmful frequencies & incoherent morphic fields by generating & transmitting the electromagnetic signals/ micro-impulses needed to regenerate & to harmonize your body-mind interface on an energetics level.



Warning : Quantum Therapy using Bioresonance / Biofeedback / Neurofeedback devices can’t be considered as a diagnosis, prognosis or medical treatment in any way, and it does not exempt you from consulting medical experts …