Energetics Therapy is based on the principle that every living organism is literally woven with & emitting waves, vibrations & electromagnetic fields ; therefore, any disruption in the energy fields/bodies of a person can disturb their physical and/or mental health.

Ancestral therapies like Asian acupuncture, Tai-Chi, Chi-Gong & Shiatsu with Chi, Indian Ayurveda with Prana, but also shamanic rituals & ceremonies with Aether, as well as western hypnotists & healers have always used this concept of global energy harmonization & reinvigoration to understand & heal human harms & traumas …

The Quantum Therapy that I propose is inspired by recent NASA research on biotechnology & by the latest discoveries in quantum physics :

thanks to this high tech system named Bioresonance / Biofeedback / Neurofeedback, it’s possible to operate a complete & detailed energetics check-up of your person, and then to perform a global and/or specific energy rebalancing.

–  the LIFE System  –

The LIFE SYSTEM device that I use takes into account every dimension of your being ; this system is intended to monitor, restore & improve your physical condition as well as to manage, strengthen & improve your mental health.

Thanks to this system, it’s possible to decode your current psycho-emotional disorders, but also to detect potential physical imbalances & to follow up your global health from an energy point of view.

A Biofeedback / Bioresonance / Neurofeedback Therapy consultation lasts around 2 hours, with a recommended interval of 2 weeks between visits …


Follow the links below to get more detailed explanations on my Energetics / Quantum Therapy approach …

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Warning : Quantum Therapy using Bioresonance / Biofeedback / Neurofeedback devices can’t be considered as a diagnosis, prognosis or medical treatment in any way, and it does not exempt you from consulting medical experts …